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  1. while you are stressed out and confused

    someone else likely is less emotionally attached and more willing to risk, doing the things you dream about doing. 

    don’t make things harder tha they have to be. 

    do more, think less.  

    xoxo Dana 

  2. Transform the place where you live into the home that you love…using most of what you already have! 
And… add in some practical magic to help make your dreams come true at the same time. 
Download the e-guide to modern feng shui- Feng Shui 101- and get started now!  xoxo Dana
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  6. When the world comes in on you, its your job to push it away and claim your space. Noone grows without challenge.
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Vandalismo. Châtelet, París, 2013.
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    Vandalismo. Châtelet, París, 2013.

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